I have been watching Person of Interest in some websites. I recognized an issue with the ads in this website. The ads are just random videos. They advertise literally nothing. And, somebody is paying to this website for these ads. But why do they pay if the ad does not advertise something? That smells illegal to me. Imagine, you need to make a payment to someone. Let’s say that you are going to pay for a big pile of drug or gun or whatever other illegal trading item. Well, you can’t just write a bill as "drugs: 100k $". You…

Humans as pattern machines

Imagine yourself discussing with someone. Have you ever just stopped at that moment and thought “What am I talking about?”. Sometimes we get into the discussions so deep that all that conversation continues intuitively. It is like we lose our consciousness and the conversation just flows by itself. Agreements and disagreements in the conversation feel like perfectly matching patterns. We disagree with a specific perspective on a specific subject just because we always disagree with that subject unless we changed it in a previous discussion. Agreements like “Yeah, yeah, you are right” happens so automatically that even though there is…

This article is about Consciousness, Questioning, Existence, and Its Crisis

I am 26 years old, living in Riga. Most of my friends here are around 28–33 years old. I started recognizing a pattern in their lives and psychologies. They all are facing existential crises. They all ask the question “What am I supposed to do, what is the meaning of all these, man?”. Some people get to this point naturally, some of them get to this point with external triggers. I am going to talk about these and relate this existential crisis to consciousness.

How does it start?

Firstly, let’s think about a man…

VeriMedi Project Motivation Article — Continual Learning, Deep Metric Learning, Tweaking the Information Theory

Let’s start with some questions:

Let’s assume that I have two concepts such as chocolate chip cookies and brownies. If I say that chocolate chip cookies have the value 0 and brownies have the value 1, is it a wrong statement?

Giving separate values helps me distinguish the chocolate chip cookies from brownies. If I would represent both with the same value in my mind, would I recognize the difference when I taste them? If I wouldn’t be able to distinguish them from each other, would they be information then?

This post is about the representation of information and the…

Visualization of information made of binary data to understand it intuitively

Maybe you heard the word “Information” before and connected it to a shallow meaning and continue with your life. However, it is much more than a word. It is the storyteller of our universe, the door that opens to us to understand ourselves and the universe.

It starts with one thing, difference. When there are 2 or more than two things that emerge, the “Information” door opens to us.

Let’s start with 0 and 1. If we take only 0 or only 1, we have only one thing to…

A hypothesis trying to explain the creation

It was the moment of beginning. In the universe, there was nothing like what we see now. There was nothingness. Because what existed at that moment meant nothing. It did not have a mass, it did not have an appearance. It was just electrons everywhere, representing pure energy.

But, there was a mission, a goal for those millions and billions and trillions of electrons. That goal was to reduce the energy. Any way that would help them to reduce the total energy was valuable. …

The creation of matter by minimization of the energy

Imagine a sine function with a frequency that is infinitely high. What do you see? You see that all the values between -1 and 1 appear at the same time. Now, shift the sine signal up and divide all values by 2. What do you see? You see that all the values between 0 and 1 appear at the same time.

Now, imagine, the sine function that we mentioned above is the position of an electron on an atom. Because the frequency of the function is infinite, electron seems like it…

What if universe is just a crypto algorithm that tries to settle itself by increasing it’s entropy to be the most unique in its way.

If you have read two of my previous articles, you know about multi perspective neural network (MPNN) algorithm.

Let’s recap: MPNN is an algorithm that gets the input data and applies convolution operations to it so that each layer coming out of convolution layer will be compared with each other by calculating cosine distance of each pair in the convolution layers. Cosine distances are pushed to be as much as possible so that we ensure each layer in convolution is different from each other. This operation is applied several times so that a small embedding is acquired when the convolution…

A beautiful perceptual anomaly

Have you ever heard of synesthesia? The phenomenon that explains the perceptual anomalies. The most basic and common one is the sensation of colors when you think, read or write numbers.

Some examples from me:

0 is white, 1 is black, 2 is yellow, 3 is green, 4 is blue, 5 is red, 6 is dark green, 7 is skin color, 8 is light yellow, 9 is brown, 10 is black and white.

Photo by Alex Chambers on Unsplash

Sometimes, this happens with letters. For me, each letter in the name of a person has color.

Some examples from me:

Princess Leia…

In 2 hours 26 minutes, I am going to be 26 years old. I wanted to celebrate my birthday by taking a breath after holding it for 26 years.

Holding my breath, at the beginning

So, the ones who know me in person, know the story of my first name. Tekin is the name of the doctor who saved my life during my birth. I don’t want to give much detail, but briefly, I did not breathe around 5 minutes when I was born. He made me breathe with artificial respiration. Then, my mom and dad gave me his name.

So, let’s start

So, after being a “good boy”…

Tekin Evrim Ozmermer

AI Developer In “>”, Interested in Artificial Intelligence, Human Intelligence, Economical inequality, and all other interesting stuff.

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