A Beautiful Evening in Riga
Firstly, these white stars with yellow linings appeared. Their slow dance in three dimensional space was like a indication of miracle.

Then, I walked more and another street has come. I knew here from before, not that I passed this street before, but it was like a far memory hidden in my mind.
Deformed red lights hanging on the trees and street lights dance together on an arc.

Thylacine - Satie 1 plays, a sorrow starts in my mind. Thylacine continues with debussy, and tears appear on my eyes. But they disappear when I recognize them, like end of a beautiful dream when your consciousness takes over. I want to cry, I want to feel, live and puke the sorrow. For a reason that I do not know, I can’t.
Then my consciousness brings me the question:
- Why do you want to cry?
- Because, I am alone
- Does it require tears?
- I don’t know, maybe the real subject is me trying to describe myself, my only self, without people that were around me.
- What describes who you are?
- That’s the question that I am asking to myself, to relieve my soul.
Okay, time to go home, Thylacine — Anatolia is playing.

AI Developer In “>”, Interested in Artificial Intelligence, Human Intelligence, Economical inequality, and all other interesting stuff.

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