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  • Ksenija Puriņa

    Ksenija Puriņa

  • Tahir Abuzetoglu

    Tahir Abuzetoglu

  • Blaine Bateman

    Blaine Bateman

    35+ yrs int’l EXP: US gov R&D, start-ups + 13 yrs @ Laird (Global VP Mktg), 18 patents EDU: ChE & Cert Qual Mgmt + MOOCs NOW: As EAF, Consults in ML, AI, Stats

  • Rizky Maulana Nurhidayat

    Rizky Maulana Nurhidayat

    Python Programmer || Data Scientist || Bayesian Astronomer

  • Saygin Celen

    Saygin Celen

    I like how children approach life, curious and playful, unbiased, and not afraid of mistakes. Tech entrepreneur in Austin. Get in touch: saygincelen.com

  • Ahmed Taha

    Ahmed Taha

    I write reviews on computer vision papers. Writing tips are welcomed.

  • Stephen Marks

    Stephen Marks

    Economist, teacher, student, dabbler in philosophy, ideas, music, and sport. Knows nothing for sure or maybe at all.

  • Tuğra Yazbahar

    Tuğra Yazbahar

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