From Quantum to Energy, from Energy to Information

The creation of matter by minimization of the energy

Imagine a sine function with a frequency that is infinitely high. What do you see? You see that all the values between -1 and 1 appear at the same time. Now, shift the sine signal up and divide all values by 2. What do you see? You see that all the values between 0 and 1 appear at the same time.

Now, imagine, the sine function that we mentioned above is the position of an electron on an atom. Because the frequency of the function is infinite, electron seems like it is everywhere, like a field. On the other hand, it gets one of the values inside that field when we measure it. Because the sine wave is a single entity it still has only one value for the time t that we measured it. Now, we have built the basement of quantum theory. We will continue with energy.

Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash

In our universe, there is a tendency for everything for going to low energy states. We need to thank a lot for this tendency because it created the matter and eventually our existence. But how it happened? What happened so that the first matter occurred? What happened so that the atoms are created and molecules are built? Now, let’s try to explain it:

An infinite number of electrons with an infinite amount of frequency has a pretty large amount of energy. And this energy needs to be minimized. How can we reduce energy? We can remove some electrons, but we actually cannot. The number of electrons cannot be changed by us. As you may remember, the frequency is directly proportional to the energy. So, we can decrease the frequency so that we can reach a lower energy state. But, how do we do that? We just sum the sine functions of two electrons. This creates an infinite number of probabilities. But frequency slows down. Then we sum this with another combination. The frequency gets slower again. There is one moment that frequency is low enough so that what we observe is 99% the same value. So, this value that is 99% the same because its frequency is low enough is our first matter. Let’s say, iron. Then, iron gets oxidized and becomes rust. The value is changing therefore the matter is changing. This all process just repeats and creates more complex matters. Each of the creations is actually increasing the entropy, the amount of information. And, in the end, our universe just becomes unique in its way. But the concept of uniqueness is only created if there are other universes where our universe differs by its uniqueness. So, this also may lead us to the multi-verse theorem.

There will be one moment, where the entropy is at its maximum, energy is at its lowest and the uniqueness of our universe is at its maximum. Then the last second of the universe will play. Then everything will be stopped. It is like the last station of a train. There is nowhere to go. There is no more entropy to have. Time stops, we stop. It will be the biggest freezing challenge in the world. But nobody will recognize it. Because their consciousness will be stopped also. We won’t even feel. We won’t be dead, but we will be far from alive. There won’t be any change or movement in the universe. That will be the real end.

In this case, who are we, human?

We are just one of those values that are created and increasing the entropy. Our minds create new information and increase entropy again. We are nothing more than an accidental existence. But, we all have one purpose, to increase entropy, create knowledge.

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